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Retirement Saving

Shateka can show you various ways to save for retirement including various IRA, simple 401k, and insurance avenues to ensure you are secure about your retirement outlook and game plan.

Financial Solutions

Through our strategic carrier partnerships, you have access to innovative financial products and services with the power to help you achieve your financial goals.

Life Insurance Solutions

Shateka specializes in various Life Insurance solutions to serve various financial security needs such as: permanent family protection, wealth transfer, mortgage protection, As-Tax Shelter, Cash Value Plans, Term Insurance, and more.

Options Trading

Learn to trade FOREX in 1-minute trades to achieve your 4-hour trade week. This is not traditional FOREX. You gain both time and financial freedom.

Real Estate Investing

Consultations available for wholesaling, rehabbing, and transitioning to landlord over multiple properties. Shateka has purchased a real estate portfolio and is equipped to consult individuals seeking next steps in real estate investing.

Meet Shateka

From Army Officer to Corporate Executive to Serial Entrepreneur

Shateka Husser is a purpose-driven executive coach who partners with top-level executives and management teams to ensure proper alignment of individual staff members, enhance employee development, improve team performance, and overall efficiencies. After spending two decades working as a high-level leader as Army officer and corporate exec, Shateka knows how to drive teams and inspire employee engagement.

While working in corporate, Shateka has been selected to train peers and indirect supervisors on new initiatives designed to move teams forward in the company’s overall vision. In addition to her extensive leadership experience, Shateka has authored a book, Reckless Abandonment: Becoming more for God’s purpose, and also specializes in coaching individuals on Life Purpose. She can also be viewed as the new talk show host for the Generational WEALTH (W-ise E-ntrepreneurs A-nd L-eaders T-ransforming H-istory) Show, where she facilitates discussions around purpose, health, finance, and relationships.

Shateka holds a Master of Business Administration from Devry’ University’s Keller Graduate School of Management, Bachelor of Science in Management from SC State University, and has been certified as a Professional Coach using WCI’s International Coach Federation criteria. She also serves on the board for Veterans Housing Solutions, Keep It Moving, and is a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity.

Besides connecting people with industry resources, Shateka enjoys traveling, networking, and exploring new restaurants.

The Quest for Financial Security

  • How will I create supplemental income for late in life?

  • How can I ensure I will not outlive my savings?

  • If the markets crashed, how much money could I lose?

  • How near or passed retirement age am I right now?

  • What are tax implications of my current plan?

  • How can I create guaranteed lifetime income?

  • Do I have term life insurance the is expiring soon?

  • What will happen to my family if I suddenly die?

  • How will I save for big purchases or my children’s education?

  • Will I have enough money to cover medical expenses due to serious illness?

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