Soaring Higher With You

As a result of the services I provide, both men and women are inspired to move from ambiguity to making more clear and concise decisions. They zoom past the place they would normally stop, staying in action more effectively, to get more done and achieve greater results. Ultimately, they’re inspired to putting forth the proper effort, clearing up the chaos, and soaring toward the goals and dreams they hold deep in their heart.

Shateka Husser

While Shateka's connection to this empowerment movement may have been for her own needs, God had a deeper plan! I am blessed to not only have her as one of our spiritual daughters, but to be in a covenant relationship in which we are both blessed by this connection! We're grateful to have her in our lives!

Lisa BlakesVice President of RC Blakes Ministries

Having Shateka as my coach has been nothing but a blessing! She's dedicated, passionate, and determined to see positive results for her clients. She takes her coaching experience serious and definitely wants to see you win. Working with Shateka, her character has been nothing but kind and gentle. However, she has pushed me and shown me that I must take the initiative if I want to see results. I also experienced a person who is a genuine and compassionate spirit; I believe this is rare to find today. If you are truly looking for a coach who has excellent experience in her craft and sincerely cares about you succeeding, I would definitely recommend Shateka Husser.

Donald Robinson3 times Grammy Nominated Record Producer

The moment I met Shateka she’s been an advocate for the community and extremely supportive of all my endeavors in the corporate and entrepreneurial areas. Her support and counsel throughout the years has undoubtedly helped me become who I am today.

Troy T. McClainCommunity Organizer and Activist

Shateka and I share a special relationship as we got to know each other on a more personal and professional level. Shateka is one with a great heart. She’s a woman of strength and is not afraid to go after what she desires. I’ve been able to watch Shateka in different spheres of her life and how she’s been able to boldly take ahold of the reigns of life and walk confidently in her purpose and assignment. Shateka allows purpose to drive her. What I admire most about Shateka is her ability to execute. Not only in getting things done but doing them in excellence.

Montreal RavenelHealthy Marriage Strategist, Mentor, Author, Speaker

I recall the time when the corporate challenges were mounting because of changes and expectations, however Shateka maintained composure, faced the challenges, and kept moving forward to stand in the breath of success when many buckled under the stress of change.

Tommie GrantStore Manager