Becoming Free for God’s Purpose

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“This book inspired me to walk in purpose. It answered questions I felt that I was the only person experiencing. I like the scripture base teaching and following along with my bible. I enjoy reading how people overcome their obstacles in life. Shateka Husser is a great inspiring author.”

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About the Author

Shateka Husser is a visionary leader, #1 international best-selling author, certified professional coach, executive consultant and CEO of Husser Properties LLC. Shateka’s fast track as Army Officer, combat veteran, corporate executive, ordained deacon, and intercessor has equipped her for passionate teaching as a well-rounded empowerment and transformation speaker. Her mission is to ignite the transformation spark for individuals, teams, and corporations desiring to soar higher and stretch into their greatest potential. Shateka’s education includes a Master of Business Administration and BS in Management. Born in Charleston, SC.  Shateka now lives in Baltimore, MD.

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“Break FREE and live on purpose!”

Book Uniqueness

This book is very transparent, direct, and Holy Spirit inspired; written in the author’s authentic voice.

Book Description

An inspiring and transformational short read focused on the spiritual maturation and growth of anyone seeking deliverance from emotional, mental, physical, and relational challenges caused by rejection, depression, fear, and hopelessness.

Book Purpose

This book’s goal is to cause individuals to divorce bondages and marry purpose.  It should help individuals to gain a greater sense of urgency in identifying their personal bondages, inspiring them to intentional and aggressive action while realizing their greater purpose.  During the read they should have a greater understanding of where they are on their journey of manifesting abundance.  Everyone’s manifestation of abundance is subjective and can only be interpreted by themselves.  These are the rewards of walking in greater purpose.

Book Objectives

The reader gains the following benefits:

  • Greater clarity, understanding, and revelation of their personal journey
  • Deliverance and restoration
  • Emotional healing
  • Greater Hope
  • Spiritual insight and maturation
  • Realization of their identity
  • Inspire greater long-term visioning

Target Audience

While anyone of any race, religion, or gender should read Reckless Abandonment, the Christian believer, who still struggles with certain areas of deliverance or who has partially surrendered, will gain the greatest benefit from reading this.  The accompanying course brings greater depth and instruction along with the free downloadable white paper provided on this landing page.

"This book is anointed to heal deliver & set people like me free from the pain & all associated with abandonment & rejection. Thank You Jesus!"

Amazon Customer

"This book was a great reminder for me that reckless abandonment is a daily chose. Everyday, we are confronted with choices to live for God or to live for the world. It doesn’t matter how long you have been walking with God, how many scriptures you can quote, how well you can breach or teach; choosing to follow Christ in the capacity Shateka describes in this book must be daily. Thanks for your obedience in writing this book to show us who are Kingdom and World Leaders the vitality in living a Christ focused life everyday."

Amazon Customer

"I absolutely loved the book. Before i read the book i was confused about my relationship with God. Reckless abandonment showed me how to work on what was blocking me from true obedience to GOD. It also showed me how to use my time for ministry which helps keep the connection between JESUS and I close. Other issues i began to work on immediately and now am heavy in ministry and focusing more than ever on how to prepare myself for heaven and carrying out GOD'S purpose."

Amazon Customer

"This book is anointed to heal deliver & set people like me free from the pain & all associated with abandonment & rejection. Thank You Jesus!"