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Tax Savings Estimator

Whether you already have a home-based business, or you are thinking of starting one, our Tax Savings Estimator will give you a good idea of how much you may save on taxes each year.

These are just eight out of the many possible deductions that could be saving you. money.

Remember, you must have a home-based business to capitalize on these tax savings.   Click this link to begin estimating.


Live the life you were created to live. Begin by asking the right questions and taking massive action toward your desired retirement date.
How will I create a supplemental income for later in life?
How can I ensure I will not outlive my savings?
If the markets crashes, how much money could I lose?
How near or past retirement age am I right now?
What are the tax implications of my current plan?
How can I create a guaranteed lifetime income?
Do I have term life insurance that is expiring soon?
What will happen to my family if I suddenly die?
How will I save for big purchases or my children’s education?
Will I have enough money to cover medical expenses due to a serious illness?
If you or someone you know need a planning guide and workbook for retirement, visit this site and download the complimentary guide.  Click here: https://retiremein3.now.site/home


Sat, November 21, 2020 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM EST

This event is sure to do 3 things for you:

1. It will refocus and reenergize your mind around taking massive action towards your finances.

2. It’s sure to help you with retirement planning.

3. It’s also going to give you a plethora of ways to achieve additional streams of income.

Make sure you bring your notepad.

VIP attendees will get:

  • First dibs to vacation giveaways during the VIP Q & A session (do not have to be present to win)
  • A replay of all the speakers
  • Time for Q&A with the speakers
  • A workbook used for acquiring investment properties at no money down.  This book is used at the Baltimore Real Estate Investor Association for paying students but will be provided at no charge to VIP guests.

Click here for the promo video                                                  https://youtu.be/hMgEJzNhFlk

 Click Here! for more details and to register for this event.

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