Learn: 1-When you’re ready 2-Outliving Your Assets 3-Inflation 4-Loss of a spouse 5-Healthcare expenses 6-Long-term care expenses 7-Timing Your Retirement 8-Evaluating an early retirement offer 9-Understanding taxes in retirement 10-Retirement income needs 11-How to organize retirement income 12-How to create a retirement paycheck and finally, our TRANSITIONING INTO RETIREMENT CHECKLIST

How will I create a supplemental income for later in life?
How can I ensure I will not outlive my savings?
If the markets crashes, how much money could I lose?
How near or passed retirement age am I right now?
What are the tax implications of my current plan?
How can I create guaranteed lifetime income?
Do I have term life insurance that is expiring soon?
What will happen to my family if I suddenly die?
How will I save for big purchases or my children’s education?
Will I have enough money to cover medical expenses due to a serious illness?

We have simplified and strategic solutions to all of the above questions and concerns. As a company, we partner with carriers to provide the most viable solutions for our clients.  We have relationships with some of the insurance and financial services industry’s most well-known and well-respected carrier companies. These partnerships provide our clients with products for financial solutions.

This arrangement allows us to offer our clients the power of choice. With access to some of the most innovative financial products available in the marketplace today, our associates work closely with their clients to select the product or combination of products that best meet their goals now and in the future.

These important relationships also make it possible for our field force not only to help their clients achieve their financial goals, but they also can build successful businesses and create better lives for their own families.

Our carrier partners are careful when determining which agencies will have access to market their products and services. They chose us because we share common values and vision; a determination to always put our clients first; and commitment to integrity and fairness in our business practices.

We are proud to have forged powerful alliances with these carrier companies. Together, we are working to affect change in the emerging middle class and provide financial solutions to families who need them most.