The First Phase in Personal Vision Casting by Shateka Husser

By March 5, 2019 September 7th, 2020 Blog

We often think of vision casting as something leaders do with their organization’s team and while that is necessary, you have to view it as something more significant on a more personal level. If you’re one only to embrace an organization’s vision before your vision, you’re setting yourself up for a potential identity crisis. Vision casting should first begin with you, casting your image, so you know if that organization aligns with your higher purpose. Where there is incongruence, there will always be a level of unfulfillment.

Many people live without a real vision of who they are although they may have heard of or even participated in vision board parties. If you have never done a vision board or attended an effective vision board party where you saw real results afterward, let me introduce you to the first step in effective personal vision casting.

The first thing you must be is clear, on your identity.  It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with any externals such as your many roles, membership in elite organizations, affiliations or relationships. These misconceptions can lead to real disappointment, especially during times of job loss, relationship changes, or organizational shifting. Obtaining clarity on who you are is exceptionally perplexing for many and has taken some a lifetime because they never slowed down long enough to make a more in-depth and thoughtful analysis.

What will it take for you to seek out a greater vision for your life? Will it be when it seems like all odds are against you and life doesn’t go as planned? Will it be when you experience great loss or great gain? Will it be when life has thrown you too many sour limes to stay joyful for your children? Will it be when your more excellent version of yourself doesn’t seem to be manifesting soon enough? You know who you’re qualified to be, but you’re unclear on whom you’re becoming.  We’re always becoming since no one has arrived or, in layman’s term, expired.  However, without knowing who you are, you’ll never understand your unique purpose (your Why).

Personal vision casting requires you to become a visionary and forward thinker — the same skill required for leadership.  Being clear on who you are is the first pre-requisite to manifesting your most purposeful and fulfilling life. Just like working through any addiction, the first step is acknowledging the need to overcome the struggle.  Clarity is the first step in becoming the more fabulous version of yourself. It will help if you become intentional in gaining clarity, careful not to become frustrated with your uncertainties and possible unfulfillment. You can become average, filled with uncertainty, and on the hamster wheel of just doing and going until you understand your why, or you can decide you want to make a more significant impact.

Once you realize whom you were created to be, understanding how your WHO impacts your purpose (WHY), you’ll experience the energy that doesn’t require coffee, that won’t allow you to hit the snooze button, and self-esteem wrapped with confidence that eradicates all fear, breeding sheer momentum. Becoming clear on your identity is just the first step toward personal vision casting.

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